Board Members Wanted!

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Dickinson Square West Civic Association is looking for a few good neighbors to serve on our Board of Directors!  The Board is made up of up to nine elected members. The DSWCA is currently seeking new board members.  Please consider joining us to highlight and engage in neighborhood efforts, issues and initiatives.

Why serve?  To help improve our schools, deter crime, clean trash, green the streets, encourage proper building development, and improve the quality of life for our neighborhood.

How long is the term?  Two years, with the option to run for election again.

What kind of time commitment?  Serving on the board is a volunteer position, so it varies on how much you want to give; however a minimum two hours a month is requested for attending meetings.

How often do the Board members meet?  Board members meet twice a month, once to plan the agenda for the General Membership Meeting and again at the General Membership Meeting.  Both meetings are approximately an hour.

Do I get paid to serve?  No, this is a volunteer position and there is no compensation except the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping to improve the neighborhood.

What does the Board of Directors do?  We do the basics of running the organization, such as keeping minutes, a budget and membership list; but also working with other Board members to organize clean ups, coordinate tree plantings, fundraise, collect donations for local schools and good causes, and more.

Who can serve on the Board?  Any interested neighbor that resides within the Dickinson Square West neighborhood (between 4th & 6th Streets, Washington to Mifflin Streets).

How can I serve on the Board of Directors?  Nominate yourself as a candidate in this fall’s election!  Below are step-by-step instructions.

All candidate applications must be postmarked no later than Saturday, August 31, 2013!

Provide a letter of intent, signed by the candidate, with the candidate’s name, address of residence, telephone number, email address and verification of residency.  The verification of residency includes ALL of the following, which must show the same residence within the boundaries of Dickinson Square West Civic Association:

  • A copy of a current driver’s license or non-driver’s state-issued identification, and
  • A copy of the face page of his or her redacted U.S. tax return for the year 2012, and
      *Please note, under our current bylaws, a person with a felony conviction is not be eligible to be a candidate for a DSWCA office. 

Mail your letter of intent with residency verification documents to the DSWCA mailbox at the following address:

Dickinson Square West Civic Association – Election Committee
℅ Board Member Candidate
P.O. Box 63891
Philadelphia, PA 19147     

According to current bylaws, all officers must have served a minimum of two years on the Board.  Therefore, to be an officer, now is the time to join as a Board Member.  Please make sure to get your full application in by the due date, as write-ins are not accounted for in the bylaws.  Therefore, any resident that wants to run should submit an initial letter of intent and documents per the bylaws.

In early September, the Election Committee will publish the list of candidates on the webpage with a sample ballot.  All candidates are encouraged to attend the September General Membership meeting for a ‘Meet the Candidates’ public forum with neighbors on Tuesday, September 17th at 7pm on the first floor of Mt. Moriah Church (410 Wharton St.).

Elections will be held on Friday, September 20th from 2pm to 8pm.

All applicants are subject to the current DSWCA bylaws that the existing board members were elected under, which are available at

Questions?  Contact