Can you buy antibiotics over the counter

Basically, antibiotics are used for therapy, as well as for the prevention of many infectious diseases that are caused by pathogenic bacteria. Antibacterial drugs reduce the bacterial population, preventing their reproduction, as well as kill invading bacteria.

The treatment of an inflammatory process, caused by a bacterial infection, should be initiated as soon as possible. Otherwise, bacteria can enter the bloodstream and provoke a serious bloodstream infection.
The question “Can you buy antibiotics over the counter?” can be answered with a ‘YES’. Many antibiotics are sold without a prescription, especially those that are used externally.

Antibacterial drugs should only be used for their intended purpose and at dosages, suitable for the patient. Excessive use of antibiotics will have a negative impact over the patient’s health, and may give rise to antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.

Can you buy antibiotics over the counterTo prevent the emergence of resistance to antibiotics, it is recommended to use antibiotics to treat bacterial infections when:

  • other treatment methods do not help;
  • there is a danger of infection of other healthy people;
  • it can significantly reduce pain;
  • there is a high risk of serious complications;
  • person has a high risk of infection (antibiotic prophylaxis).

After the ingestion of the antibiotic, the drug spreads throughout the body via the bloodstream. Before you take the antibiotic, read the patient information leaflet carefully and consult with a pharmacist or doctor.

Use the best drugs that you can buy. Antibiotics are available for over the counter sale in many pharmacies and in different dosage forms.

Antibiotics are manufactured in various dosage forms, which allows patients to choose the dose suitable for use. For example, if a patient finds it difficult or uncomfortable to swallow a pill, he can take antibiotic in the form of a capsule or injection.

Some pharmaceutical forms of antibiotics help control the rate of the drug delivery to the patient’s organs and tissues.

Depending on the type and severity of the infection, the patient may require antibacterial therapy with:

  • Oral antibiotics, which include a wide range of tablets of various shapes and sizes, as well as gelatin capsules. Used to treat mild and moderate infections in the body.
  • Topical antibiotics – lotion, cream, drops or spray. Mostly used in the treatment of skin infections.
  • Injections that are administered intravenously or intramuscularly, as well as via an IV line directly into the blood. It is used in the treatment of severe infectious diseases.

Where can you buy antibiotics over the counter? Lotions, creams, sprays can be sold in regular pharmacies. Tablets and injectable solutions are sold over-the-counter in online pharmacies.

If the patient’s condition has improved within a few days after the start of antibiotic use, it is extremely important to continue taking the medications.

Do not interrupt the course of antibiotic therapy, since bacteria:

  • will not be destroyed completely;
  • can become resistant to antibiotics.

Antibiotics help in the treatment of infectious diseases, caused by bacteria, yet they are not used in the treatment of viral infections.

In general, antibiotics are divided into two types, which differ through the ways of affecting bacterial infection:

  • Bactericidal agents – kill pathogen by inhibiting the synthesis of bacterial cell walls and alter bacterial-cell-membrane permeability.
  • Bacteriostatic agents – stop the generation of bacteria and prevent their further growth.

Here’s how you can buy antibiotics over the counter. If you know exactly which bactericidal or bacteriostatic agent you need to use, order it in an online pharmacy. If you have any doubts about the choice of the drug, consult the online pharmacist.

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