Spring is here!


Wishful thinking….Because of the impending storm, the March Volunteer Meeting is rescheduled to next Tuesday, March 11th, 7 PM, at Mt Moriah.

A lot of planning and organizing needs to be continued and/or completed this month:

  1. The 7th Annual Spring Cleanup is Saturday, April 5th.  Our application has been filed, but we have logistics, flyering, etc. to resolve.  We want to be ready to spruce up our neighborhood!
  2. A new fund-raising opportunity has presented itself, and we have to discuss our involvement.
  3. We have to “brainstorm” ideas for guest speakers.
  4. Officer “Ace” Delgado raised several important issues at the February Community Board Meeting, all of which should be pursued.
  5. The Mt Moriah food and clothing program is up and running, and we have to decide how we can continue to help and to grow the outreach.
  6. The “welcome packet” needs to be finalized, and we have to gather neighbors to collaborate with the final design and to plan for its distribution.

These are but a few of our outreach and green and safety programs and initiatives on our agenda.

Please mark your calendar and plan to join us a week from this Tuesday.

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DSWCA serves our neighbors who live between 4th-6th and Washington to Mifflin Streets. Neighbors who live outside those boundaries are welcomed to join our meetings and to sign up for our email announcements.